Paws and Perros

Creating A Business On Your Own Terms

May 31, 2022 Raquel Cid Season 2 Episode 14
Paws and Perros
Creating A Business On Your Own Terms
Show Notes

How do you manifest your dreams? Why should you choose happiness over what's expected? 
What are the 3 things every freelancer must know? How do you start a pet photography business?

On today's episode with Pet Photographer Jen Hillenga,  we talk about 

  •  How she manifested moving to NYC and starting a Pet Photography Business
  • How action leads to success 
  • How to make your dreams come true
  • Why you should define what success looks like to you and not other people's definition of success
  • How being in proximity to successful people makes you change what you believe is possible
  • Why she adopted 2 dogs

Host: Raquel Cid a Latinx Career Coach and Animal Foster on a mission to inspire animal lovers to take action.  Follow us on Instagram at

GUEST: Jen Hillengay has been a professional photographer and creative director for over 25 years, she is now focused on creating commissioned printed photography celebrating the relationship between pups and their people! She serves the NYC area and locations worldwide by request. Though her work she also highlights a lot of dogs who are searching for their forever home.

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